Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lang Lang / Christoph Eschenbach piano recital at the Kennedy Center

  Much more sensible review in the WP than the one for the previous recital. Indeed,
“Eschenbach projects a kind of monkish restraint, but he may actually be the more flamboyant, the more emotional of the two. Lang Lang is certainly given to big gestures, but there's also a solid through line, where Eschenbach can be episodic.”
“The performance was certainly a heartfelt exchange between two musicians, playing on two equal instruments, facing each other.”
And that was strange: while “For Two Pianos” means just that, “For Four Hands” implies sharing the keyboard of the same instrument. Yet, it was only at the very end, with the Debussy encore, when the two musicians actually played on the same piano.

Midgette, A., Coming to appreciate Lang Lang, Washington Post, November 8, 2012.

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