Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Savion Glover: SoLo iN TiME

I try not to miss Savion Glover's performances when he comes to DC: his amazing musicality and skill never cease to awe me. He is a creative, improvisational performer who transforms himself into a musical instrument; or rather, into the whole percussive orchestra, and totally loses himself in his craft, seemingly paying no attention to the audience, and allowing us to witness a process of music- and dance-making, a process that seems private and intimate despite the sometimes deafening over-amplified volume.
Glover and guitarist Gabriel Hermida don't so much react to as anticipate each other's moves. Eyes locked, they let fly a contest of ricocheting rhythms: Hermida's rapid strums blur his hands, his picks flash light. In answer, Glover chugs across the miked stage before a jittering, shivering foot slows into steamy shot-blasts. The back-and-forth accelerates like a runaway train.
Singer, T., Glover mixes soul, speed, and some flamenco, Boston Globe, January 31, 2011
Savion Glover performs at Strathmore
(Washington Post photo)

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