Saturday, April 10, 2010

ChALLERGY Blossom. Complaint Choir of DC. Catching up with Wanchuk

Spring in Washington, DC can be a beautiful time, with the Cherry Blossom festival, etc., but for me it's the worst season: flowers and trees are in full bloom, and so are my allergies — fueled by ubiquitous and exuberant pollen.

Every morning I wake up with my eyes red and itchy and with the lids glued together with some tear-based liquid the exact nature of which I don't want to know. After I manage to unstick my eyes and glance in the mirror what stares back at me is a red-eyed monster looking as if he was drinking all night long. If only ... All night long I was trying to get some sleep, in vain.

To pull myself together I have to take all these drugs: Flonase, to spray it into the nostrils; Elestat, to drop it into the eyes; Allegra, a pill to swallow; and then sometimes Albuterol, to be able to breathe ...

And then some are surprised when I say I prefer snow to this Chermageddon. What's so surprising? Have you ever heard of anyone allergic to snow? It's a no-brainer, people, don't you understand?!

Worst thing is: the condo does not switch the A/C on until later, so I face an unenviable choice: keep the windows closed and suffocate of heat or keep them open and suffocate of my respiratory system shutting down because of insufferable pollen.

Thankfully, I have a job; and there is a climate control system at the office. I plan to go there later today, work for a while (and enjoy the breathable environment), and then leave from there for the Garth Fagan Dance show.

The office is just three metro stops away. But then there are bastards that light up while standing on the metro escalators and couldn't care less that their fetid smoke inevitably spreads behind them, and that people with respiratory problems or just an allergy are not necessarily in a position to run up the escalator to get ahead of those selfish idiots.

Today's highlight: I've learned that — finally — Washington, DC has joined the great valitskuoro (Complaints Choir of the World) movement. Glory Hallelujah! Check out our “local chapter”: Complaints Choir of Washington, DC  and their video:

I have finally caught up with Wanchuk on Skype. He is now in Bern, Switzerland: slightly under the weather and shocked by Swiss prices (surprize, surprize).

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